Title: The President’s Shadow
Author: Brad Meltzer
Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: A young archivist for the National Archives in modern day Washington, Beecher White, is also a member of the secret spy network created by George Washington, the Culper Ring. He gets called in when something disturbing is found in the rose garden at the White House, much to the dismay of the president, who is not a fan of the Ring. Solving this mystery leads Beecher to learn more about the mysterious death of his father who died while at military training before Beecher was born.
My Thoughts

If you are into the t.v. show, Scandal, then you might just enjoy this novel. It has the office of the president, secret military operations, and a touch of romance. (I’m super into watching Scandal on Netflix right now)
I picked this book up because I loved the idea that the Culper Ring is still in existence in modern time. A secret spy ring started during the Revolutionary War and fighting to protect the presidency for over 200 years, that is pretty cool. I couldn’t put it down because of the suspense of finding out what really happened to Beecher’s father and the father’s of his childhood friends.
There is also an escaped convict who tried to assassinate a president and a case of stolen identity.
I know it sounds like too much for one book, but it is done so well it keeps the reader wanting more. I found out that there is a sequel and I cannot wait to add it to my list of books to read!

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