Mr. Churchill’s Secretary bySusan Elia MacNeal
Title: Mr. Churchill’s Secretary
Author: Susan Elia MacNeal
Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: A young American woman, Maggie Hope, travels to London to sell the home of her grandmother, who left it to Maggie in her will. Maggie decides to stay in London to learn more about the place she was born and to feel closer to the parents she lost in her infancy. She is a college educated woman with a talent for mathematics but gets hired only as a typist for Winston Churchill. In the offices of Mr. Churchill, she becomes privy to state secrets and becomes entangled in a plot to overthrow the English government.
My Thoughts

This book was recommended and lent to me by one of my colleagues who shares my interest in historical fiction. I’m so glad that I took him up on the offer to borrow it because it was awesome!
Even though Maggie has some intense stuff going on in her life, orphaned in infancy, raised by her aunt in America, putting off graduate school to sell her grandmother’s home, living in England during the beginnings of WWII, she is still super relatable. She has five female roommates from all walks of life and a love interest from work.
There are layers upon layers of mystery in this novel a few you can see coming, and many that catch the reader by surprise. The author was inspired by the stories of women who worked as typists for Churchill, so the story has an authentic feel. The author portrays the terror of living through the Blitz, being out with friends to dinner one minute, and then hiding in a bomb shelter the next.
When I found out there were more books in this series, I was seriously so excited. I cannot wait to read more! While the book wraps up nicely, I still want to know more about Maggie and all of her friends who live and work with her.
It is hard to say too much, without giving away important plotlines, so I’ll leave it there!

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